IDAA TM – How to order

How to order your IDAATM kit

If you have already designed your primers you can go to our order page HERE

When you place your order we will make sure that your Forward primer is 5′-modified by addition of the 5′-extension AND we will supply you with the 6-Fam modified probe (there is no need to order the 6-Fam probe separately since it is already included in the Kit). Also you will receive the entire IDAA Kit at our discounted price – you save more than 25% compared to list prices of the individual components.

If you have not yet designed your primers, we recommend that you use the free Primer3 database.

For best results with the IDAA Kit we recommend the following changes to the default settings in the Primer3 database:

  • Primer Size should be: Min 21, Opt 23, Max 25
  • Primer TM should be: Min 57, Opt 60, Max 63
  • Product Size Ranges should be 200-500

All other settings could be default.

When you have your primer sequences ready please go to our order page HERE

The IDAA Kit contains:

  • 1x Reverse primer, RPC purified (your design)
  • 1x Forward primer, RPC purified (your design + a 5′-extension)
  • 1x 6-Fam probe, HPLC purified (IDAA design)
  • 1x Shipping box (users guide is supplied upon IDAA-kit order)

Price for the entire IDAA kit is only DKK 350 / USD 50 / EUR 47

The delivered amount is enough for approx. 1.000 reactions (equivalent to a synthesis scale of 40nmol)

Turnaround time is two days plus shipping.