Custom Oligos…

TAG Copenhagen is a leading supplier of custom oligos, primers and dual labelled probes to the academic world as well as the pharmaceutical industry. We have a long tradition within custom oligos. We started our mass production of custom oligos in 1996 and at the same time we started to develop our own oligo synthesizers (OligoMaker), that today are sold to DNA synthesis labs around the world.TAG Copenhagen was the first company in Europe to mass-produce custom oligonucleotides as well as to introduce Quality Control by MALDI-TOF of all oligonucleotides, that today has become a standard of many manufacturers of oligonucleotides.

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About our oligos

TAG Copenhagen manufactures synthetic oligonucleotides tailored to your individual oligo specifications.


  • DNA
  • RNA
  • PTO
  • Chimera
  • Unmodified oligos
  • Modified primer
  • Dual labelled probe (qPCR probe)
  • Plate oligo (96 well plate format)
  • Large volume (single tubes)

Purification method:

  • Desalted
  • Reverse Phase Column


  • 10 nmol
  • 40 nmol
  • 200 nmol
  • 1.000 nmol

Delivery method:

  • Solid
  • In 200 µL water
  • Standard Conc. (you add 100 µL water/buffer)
  • Conc. adjustment (multiple aliquoting and mixing)
In-house turnover time:
  • DNA Primer Desalted & DNA Reverse Phase Column (1 working day)
  • DNA RP-HPLC (2-3 working days)
  • DNA Modified Primers & DNA Dual Labelled Probes (3-5 working days)
  • RNA Desalted & RNA Reverse Phase HPLC (2-3 weeks)
  • PTO (3-5 days)
  • Chimeric (2-3 weeks)

Quality guarantee:

  • All oligos are quantified twice by uv spectrometry to obtain an accurate measure of yield (OD measurement)
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA) follows all oligos
  • Reverse Phase Column and HPLC purified oligos (<80 mer) are quality controlled by MALDI-TOF MassSpec; batchwise for Primer Desalted

Online Order Portal:

  • Convenient online ordering via our Online Order Portal
  • Online status tracking of the oligo in process
 Quality is essential for us! TAG Copenhagen manufactures in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Each of our employees has a long track record in the production of oligonucleotides with special attention on traceability, maintenance and calibration programs, supplier evaluation, process control, lot release and independent quality control.

Competitive pricing! Today, we are able to offer high quality products to competitive prices due to own developed highly efficient synthesizers combined with a continuous focus on process improvements for the manufacturing process.

Free delivery! We offer free delivery on all orders of min. 200 DKK (30 €). Orders below, we just charge 10 DKK (within Denmark) or 20 DKK (3 €) (outside Denmark).