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Order your oligonucleotides today! Orders are easily placed online at our Online Oligo Order Portal. It is easy to use and you can track you order throughout the manufacturing process at any time.

Order Online

New customer:

Please contact our customer service on tel +45 321 322 00 or e-mail oligo@tagc.com. Please send us the following information: Name of contact person, Shipping address, Billing address and EAN number (if used by your organisation). You will receive an email with your personal username and password in short.


Existing customer:

Please go to the Online Oligo Order Portal and login by using your username and password. The Online Oligo Order Portal is easy to use and you can track the status of your oligo order at any time. Order status explanation:

  • Waiting (Oligo order is not sent or is waiting for the Incoming order QC)
  • Received (Incoming order QC queries resolved, if any. Ready for synthesis)
  • Running (In synthesis)
  • Shipped (Passed QC of oligo synthesis. Packed and shipped to customer)
  • Invoiced (Invoiced sent to customer)

You will receive the following notifications by email:

  • Order Registration (Your oligo order is sent and is waiting for our Incoming order QC. Status: Waiting)
  • Order Confirmation (Incoming  order QC queries resolved, if any. Ready for synthesis. Status: Received)

Order by E-mail

Please send an e-mail to oligo@tagc.com. Please use our E-mail Order Form template – download HERE. If you do not wish to use our template, please add the following to your e-mail: your name, address, phone number, name of your institution, payment information for the order, the scale and sequence of the oligos (one oligo per line).


You will receive an order confirmation email when we have received your order.