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TAG Copenhagen is the Danish representative for Genewiz (Beckman Coulter Genomics) sequencing services – a worldwide provider of DNA sequencing services to life science and healthcare businesses as well as academic and government institutions.

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Genewiz sets the standard for delivering expert genomics solutions to life science and healthcare businesses as well as academic and government institutions worldwide. Whether you are researching bacterial or plant genomes or preparing an NDA submission for the FDA, we are the right choice to design your studies, to guide and perform analysis and apply our bioinformatics expertise to turn data into the solutions that will help advance your research.

Next Generation Sequencing Services

Genewiz offers a comprehensive range of next generation sequencing services utilizing a combination of Illumina and Roche 454 next generation sequencing platforms, Genewiz automation and a team of study managers and bioinformaticians to deliver reliable, high quality results.

Sanger DNA Sequencing Services

Genewiz offers a complete range of Sanger DNA sequencing services from sequencing facilities located in the United Kingdom and the United States. Sequencing services are optimized for the rapid turnaround of high quality sequence data for individual samples or high-throughput plate sequencing.

Expression Analysis

Genewiz provides gene expression analysis services including quantitative expression analysis (qPCR) for focused transcript sets and next generation sequencing of RNA (RNA-Seq) for whole transcriptome analysis. RNA-Seq can target both long RNA, including mRNA and lncRNA, and small RNA, including miRNA, snoRNA and sncRNA. Genewiz provides research-grade discovery services and regulatory-compliant confirmation services.


Genewiz provides a wide genotyping offering for research and regulatory-compliant DNA variation analysis. Services include whole exome, custom region of interest, and candidate gene genotyping using next generation sequencing and targeted or individual SNP genotyping using real-time PCR or Sanger sequencing.

Biologics Testing

Genewiz offers a range of services aimed to evaluate the stability, purity, and safety of biological products. These services are compliant with GLP/cGMP regulations to support pre-clinical, clinical, and post market needs in different market segments.