Custom Sequencing Specifications…

TAG Copenhagen is the Danish representative for Beckman Coulter Genomics – a worldwide provider of DNA sequencing to life science and healthcare businesses as well as academic and government institutions. Beckman Coulter Genomics offer Sanger DNA sequencing and next generation sequencing along with qPCR services support research, biologics testing and clinical trials in accordance with regulatory guidelines including GLP, GMP and CLIA.

What is Cogenics Online?
In an effort to better meet our customer needs Cogenics Online was launched. This online portal will serve as starting point for customers to manage all of their express sequencing tasks. Key features include:
Ability to order, track and easily download sequencing results 24 hours a day, secure access for each registered user, use of barcoded CapMarkers for secure tracking of samples (CapMarkers can be ordered free of charge
from the Cogenics Online Dashboard), samples are stored for 3 months in the UK.

What services are available?
Single reaction sequencing of plasmid, PCR products or clones provided in either 1,5 mL tubes or plates (96 or 384 well). A list of the universal primers that are provided for free can be found on Cogenics Online under
Service Information.

What are the deliverables?
Sequence data (chromatograms .ab1, .pdf and fasta format) is available through secure download from Cogenics Online. Sequence data has an average of 1,000bp with a phred20 quality score of up to 850bp.

What is the turnaround time?
Projects submitted to Cogenics Online that do not exceed 96 reactions or 4 full 96-well plates will be available the next business day.

What are the sample requiements?

Sample Concentration Volume
Primers 5 µM 2 µl/reaction
Minimum volume: 10 µl
Purified PCR products PCR fragment size:
< 1 kb: 15 ng/µl
>1 kb and <2 kb: 25 ng/µl
>2 kb and <3 kb: 35 ng/µl
5 µl /reaction
Minimum volume: 15 µl
Non-purified PCR products PCR fragment size:
< 1 kb: 30 ng/µl
>1 kb and <2 kb: 60 ng/µl
>2 kb and <3 kb: 90 ng/µl
5 µl /reaction
Minimum volume: 30 µl
Plasmids 100 ng/µl 5 µl /reaction
Minimum volume: 15 µl
BAC 100 ng/µl 15 µl /reaction